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Keele Campus Programs Harry W. Arthurs Common and Schulich School of Business, Keele Campus (BA, BSc, etc.) denotes the types of degrees that can be earned through a particular program. denotes that related certificates are available. See page 51 and 56 for details. denotes that the program is available as an International Bachelor of Arts, International Bachelor of Science or nternational Bachelor I of Business Administration. affiliated with Bethune College affiliated with Calumet College affiliated with Founders College a ffiliated with McLaughlin College affiliated with New College affiliated with Stong College affiliated with Vanier College affiliated with Winters College Ab out Honours Degrees For most programs, you earn an Honours four-year degree (exceptions will be noted in the program descriptions). An Honours degree is a prestigious degree that may provide you with better career opportunities. Should you decide in future to pursue graduate studies, your Honours degree will be a necessary prerequisite. Being in an Honours program will also provide you with greater choice in upperlevel course selection and access to courses that are available to Honours students only. Administrative Studies (BAS) Faculty of Liberal Arts & P rofessional Studies Career horizons open wide in Administrative Studies, one of the largest business programs in Canada. The BAS Specialized Honours program gives you the rare opportunity to specialize at the undergraduate level, focusing in one of the following areas: • Accounting: prepare for professional careers in accounting and consulting firms, industry, government and nonprofit organizations and for advanced studies in accounting/ finance graduate programs. Courses satisfy preparation requirements for accounting designations such as CA, CGA, CMA or CPA. • Business Research: prepare for a career as a market researcher or analyst, business or strategic planner. • Finance: focus on financial planning, investment management or corporate finance and work toward a designation. • Human Resources Management: prepare for a career as a labour relations specialist, corporate recruiter, HR systems analyst or training professional. For information on the Bachelor of Human Resources Management, see page 42. • Information Technology: blends information management with an education in business. Specialize in business systems analysis, e-commerce development, or information technology auditing & assurance. For information on the BA in information technology, see page 43. • Management: study the functional areas of business, balanced with an understanding of organizational issues and business strategy. • Management Science: acquire knowledge in operations and logistics management toward a career in manufacturing, services and logistics. • Marketing: study consumer behaviour, marketing research, brand management, marketing strategy, product innovation, advertising and communications. Interested in enhancing your career options? Students studying in programs other than administrative studies, but interested in business, should consider the innovative minor in Business. Career paths include: brand manager, accountant and human resources professional. African Studies (BA) Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies From civil war in the Congo to "truth and reconciliation" in post-apartheid South Africa, modern Africa poses challenges and opportunities worthy of serious study. Learn that in the grasslands of East Africa lie clues to the origins of humankind, that West Africa reveals the history of the transatlantic slave trade and the empires that were contemporary with medieval Europe, how societies in the North of Africa have been shaped by the westward spread of Islam, and that in the continent's mineral-rich centre are national boundaries born of colonialism. Learn from professors engaged in researching social, political, economic and cultural change from pre-colonial times to the present. From inspiring political leadership to poverty, economic development and major challenges to health, Africa is a continent of global importance. Career paths include: foreign services, international development, policy-making, activism or program management. Anthropology (BA, iBA) Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Explore how people are subjected to, participate in and contest the processes of living in a world that is interconnected by powerful economic, cultural and technological forces. Gain the tools necessary for critical analysis of our place in the social and cultural diversity of the world. Engage in topics such as development and the environment, media and culture, health and illness, gender and sexualities, religion and science, and displaced peoples. Learn to think critically about how concepts such as class, race, gender and ethnic identities are FUTURESTUDENTS.YORKU.CA/PROGRAMS 31 programs Icon Legend

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