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SPECIAL SECTION - CAMPAIGN LEADERSHIP FOR GLOBAL CHALLENGES CAMPAIGN PHASE I: A BIG SUCCESS THE $5 MILLION GOAL IS SURPASSED! Thanks to alumni and generous donors, Glendon College has surpassed its $5 mil lion Phase I cam paign goal! A total of $5.3 million was reached to help Glendon equip the next generation of public leaders for the challenges of a changing economic and political world. Glendon’s Leader ship for Global Challenges Campaign was part of the recently concluded York to the Power of 50 Cam paign, the largest fundraising initiative in York’s 51-year history. Campaign gifts support a range of campus priorities, inclu ding Canada’s first bilingual gra duate school of public and international affairs, a new public policy forum called the Centre for Global Challenges, student scholarships and awards and an endowment to help Glendon innovate and respond to future needs. Private support builds on a recent $20 mil lion invest ment from the provincial government to establish Glendon as a Centre of Excel lence for French-Language and Bilingual Postsecondary Education. Glendon’s Phase I success sets the stage for the next critical phase of campus growth. Prin cipal Kenneth McRoberts announced the College will advance its goal to $10 million as part of Phase II of the cam - paign that began this fall. Gifts will continue to support the School of Public and International Affairs and Centre for Glo bal Challenges, directed by Mr. Alex Himelfarb, former Canadian Ambassador to the Italian Republic and Clerk of the Privy Council. Expan ding Glendon’s historic cam pus faci lities to accommodate future growth is also an ongoing priority. Since 2001, full-time enrol ment in Glen don’s 20 under graduate, eight certificate and three graduate programs has grown more than 47%, from 1,700 to 2,500 stu dents in 2009-2010. Glendon’s Leadership for Global Challenges campaign is chaired by Claude Lamoureux, LLD’07 (right) together with Martha Shuttleworth, BA’72 and Michael Locke, BA’75, MBA’77. Glendon Magazine 2011 ] 20 [ La Revue de Glendon 2011

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