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BMO SPECIAL SECTION - CAMPAIGN FINANCIAL GROUP: MAJOR AND CONTINUED SUPPORT BMO Financial Group has contributed more than $2 million to Phase I of Glendon College’s Leadership for Global Challenges Campaign. “This valuable contribution has led to the tremendous success of Phase I of the campaign and I want to express my appreciation to BMO”, says Principal Kenneth McRoberts. Thanks to the continued support of BMO, Glendon was able to start and maintain several major projects such as the School of Public and International Affairs and the Centre for Global Challenges. BMO’s dynamic and continued support assures that the School and Centre can maintain their path of growth in terms of quality of programs. BMO’s commitment has given the School’s director, Alex Himelfarb, the means to launch the Centre for Global Challenges. “Canada’s competitiveness and strength depend in large part on the quality of its public sector,” says Glendon Principal Kenneth McRoberts. The Centre for Global Challenges will help stimulate discussion and de - bate on the key challenges facing Canada in a globalized world and help prepare the next generation of highly qualified public service employees for the Ontario and federal governments.” With the support of BMO Financial Group, the researchers and graduate students at Glendon conduct research that will not only influence the Canadian public sector, but also its approach to current issues such as the environment and political extremism. This will allow Glendon to be at the forefront of these studies and research in a unique context of a bilingual liberal arts education in Southern Ontario. Jacques Ménard, who is a member of the Glendon School of Public and Inter national Affairs Advisory Committee since its creation, has greatly contributed to the school, according to Alex Himelfarb, the School’s director. In April 2008, Mr. Ménard presented his book “Si on s’y mettait” at Glendon, in which he demonstrates his civic commitment supported by precise action pro posals for Quebec. Glendon would also like to thank Nada Ristich, Senior Manager, Corpo - rate Donations, BMO Financial Group, for her insightful vision regarding Glendon. She saw that Glendon offers the potential to create a first class School of Public and International Affairs and a Centre for Global Chal - lenges. Her vision also led to the creation of over 50 BMO scholar ships for students, mainly from Quebec and Western Canada, so that they could pursue bilingual studies at Glendon. All these accomplishments show the tremendous success of the BMO Financial Group’s investment at Glen - don. A huge thank you to BMO Financial Group. Paul Marcus, President and CEO of the York University Foundation, Jacques Ménard, Chairman, Bank of Montreal Nesbitt Burns and President BMO Financial Group, Québec, Kenneth McRoberts, Principal of Glendon College Nada Ristich, Senior Manager of Corporate Donations BMO with Marie-Thérèse Chaput Glendon Magazine 2011 ] 23 [ La Revue de Glendon 2011

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