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SPECIAL SECTION - CAMPAIGN MARTHA SHUTTLEWORTH AND ALBERT TUCKER HONOUR THE MEMORY OF VINCENT DEL BUONO article by: Christine Ward Calling him “the very best kind of public servant,” Nep - tis Foundation founder and Glendon Leadership for Global Challenges Campaign Co-Chair Martha Shuttleworth has joined Dr. Albert Tucker to make a generous gift to honour the life of Vincent Del Buono, a Glen don graduate, a senior fellow of the School of Public and International Affairs and a tireless advocate of criminal law reform and defender of justice, security and human rights. Mr. Del Buono died last April 13 at the age of 60. Martha Shut tle worth and Albert Tucker each contributed $25,000 to endow a graduate scholarship for students in the School of Public and International Affairs. Former Glendon Principal Albert Tucker remembers Mr. Del Buono as a talented student when the professor emeritus was a new and young history professor. The combined gift of $50,000 was matched two times. First by York University and then by the Ontario Government, producing a $150,000 fund. The annual interest is also doubled as part of York’s Graduate Support Matching Program. Each year, appro - ximately $12,000 to $15,000 (according to the endow ment rate of Glendon) will be available for public affairs gra duate students — creating an income quadruple of what would have been available through the original gift. “Vincent had a quiet self-assurance about him that meshed perfectly with Glendon’s small, undergraduate culture,” says Dr. Tucker. “He was always intent on making friends and connections.” “I remember him saying how much he valued his time at Glendon,” adds Ms. Shuttleworth. “At Glendon, he was given the space to reach and expand. He felt honoured, perhaps, to have spent time there.” Mr. Del Buono’s impressive public service career included a decade as senior counsel with the Law Reform Commission of Canada and the Department of Justice, high level roles with the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a stint as deputy secre - tary general of Amnesty International in London. Most recently, he led the British Council’s Access to Justice Program in Nigeria, for which he was honoured with investiture into the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Amidst it all, Vincent Del Buono never forgot his years at Glen - don. Upon his return to Canada in 2007, he played a lead role alongside Principal Kenneth McRoberts in establishing the School of Public and International Affairs. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OUR DONORS Each and every donation given by alumni, friends and businesses, who don’t hesitate in supporting Glendon is deeply appreciated. What they have given will endure within the greater vitality of our institution, our current and future students and in the service that each student will in turn give back to the nation. Once again, we thank you. All contributions are important. Glendon particularly wishes to give a heartfelt thanks to donors who have given $5,000 or more and who will be listed in the Report to Donors of the University. Glendon Magazine 2011 ] 28 [ La Revue de Glendon 2011

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