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MESSAGE FROM THE PUBLISHER THE GLENDON MAGAZINE VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1, SPRING 2011 PUBLISHER AND EDITOR: Marie-Thérèse Chaput, Director, Office of Advancement, Alumni & External Relations. Principal Writer: Michel Héroux Special Contributors: Marika Kemeny – Glendon Communications Officer, Jelani Lowe – Communications Officer, York University Foundation, Nicole Mailman – Communications Officer, York University Foundation Contributors: Kenneth McRoberts, Alex Himelfarb, Christine Ward - MCS Production Assistants : Mélissa Romulus Lisanti – Development and Alumni Coordinator, Mina Yoon – Administrative Assistant, Paige Taylor, Heidi Markiewicz Photos: BDS Studios Inc. – Gary Beechy, Marika Kemeny, Mélissa Romulus Lisanti, Daoust Lestage Translations: Marie-Noëlle Écobichon Translations, Michel Héroux, Mina Yoon Revision: Marie-Noëlle Écobichon Translations, Michel Héroux, Mina Yoon and Paige Taylor Design : Irina Beche Emagazine & Magazine layout: Michel Héroux, Irina Beche Printing and Photofinishing: Regroupement Loisir Québec Printed in Canada Send your comments and suggestions to the editor at Send us your email address so we can invite you to upcoming events at Glendon Office of Advancement , Alumni & External Relations, Glendon University College, York University Suite 218, Glendon Hall 2275 Bayview Ave / Ave. Bayview Toronto, ON M4N 3M6 Telephone: 416-487-6824 Fax: 416-487-6786 The online Glendon Magazine is published by the Office of Advancement, Alumni & External Relations - Glendon College, York University. Articles may not be reproduced without the permission of the author. CHANGE OF EMAIL ADDRESS? CHANGE OF POSTAL ADDRESS? You can send us your updated information by phone at 416-487-6824, by fax at 416-487-6786, or by e-mail at Marie-Thérèse Chaput, Editor, Glendon Magazine Front page: Jerôme Cauchard - Consul General of France in Toronto; Jennifer Sloan- Vice-President, University Relations, York University; Kenneth McRoberts, Principal, Glendon College, York University; Paul Genest - Associate Secretary of the Cabinet, Intergovernmental Affairs and Responsible for Francophone Affairs, Government of Ontario; Mamdouh Shoukri - President and Vice-Chancellor, York University; John Milloy - Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, Government of Ontario; Gary Brewer - Vice-President, Finance & Administra tion, York University; Patrick Monahan - Vice-President, Academic & Provost, York University; Robert Tiffin - Vice-President Students, York University Georges Moyal, Nikos Tryphonopoulos, Richard Tursman Glendon Magazine 2011 ] 2 [ La Revue de Glendon 2011 Marie-Thérèse Chaput EDITOR’S MESSAGE THE MAGAZINE IS NOW ONLINE! SEE SPECIAL SECTION: “THANKS TO ALL OF OUR DONORS” There is nothing better than hearing good news and that's what we bring you in this special online edition of Glendon Magazine. At Glendon we are constantly buil ding, inno va - ting and discussing current issues with you, our students, alumni, friends and donors. Yes, we have many reasons to be optimistic. This edition, devoted to new developments at Glendon, also makes way for our major donors in a spe cial section dedi cated to the Glendon Campaign, which completed its first phase after exceeding its original goal and reaching $5.3 million with gifts from more than 2,000 unique donors (which means a donor who gives ten gifts counts as one or an association that collects hundreds of donations counts as a single donor). So it is quite a feat for Glendon now to have 2,000 donors. Glen don's opti mism is also reinforced by the potential of what the campaign contributions can do for students. In fact, more than $2 million was raised for new scholarships but it was actually $2.5 million that was reached because the Ontario government matched several of them. Kudos to the staff and faculty of Glendon, who as donors themselves, surpass the number of donors from other faculties by percen tage. In addi tion, 160 corporations responded positively to our efforts and several innovative programs have been created as a result of those contributions, giving us all reason to celebrate the new Glendon. You can now read the Glendon Magazine online and even print out the parts that may interest you. If the cuts imposed on us by the university have greatly reduced our already modest budget, we will take this opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to save trees and to become blue-green. We invite you to attend the many alumni events that we organize throughout the year like our movie nights. You'll love these events because you can come with all your friends. You will not be alone and even if your friends from your graduation year are busy on this particular evening, you can watch an interesting and little-known movie. We select these films with the input of special partner Marcelle Lean of Cinéfranco. You can also watch movies in English, French and Spanish with subtitles. You'll enjoy watching these movies and discussing their themes with the film’s directors and Glendon department heads who specialize in the subject matter. Before I leave you to your reading, I'd like to introduce a familiar face from the Advancement team at Glendon, Mélissa Romulus Lisanti (BA'08), who was recently promoted to Alumni and Development Coordinator in our office. You can contact her for all your address changes and especially to provide your email address. We rely on you to help us keep in touch!

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