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Opportunity Details – Communications Current Challenges Opportunity Description Implement a Uniform Web Strategy across the University • Web content is not well organized; there are 2.5 to 3 million web pages associated with the university • Web is an afterthought • Inconsistent quality implies York is inconsistent • The internet is where the universities connect with students • 80% of students use it as their primary source of information - more than half use it as their only source • Web skills / resources are fragmented across university based on who has budget • Not necessarily aligned with strategy • Has an impact on exposure and reputation. E.g. Centre for vision research - strong in research; 6th in world. Had a poor website which limited funding and exposure outside of York, web redesign increased funding and reputation • UAP has increasing on-line learning as a key goal (build web into everything you do) • Implement a Uniform Web Strategy across the University • Assess, Define and Design external (prospective students, media, general purpose) and internal (staff, internal students) web strategy and framework • Develop web architecture • Develop staff portal with a focus on how staff communicate • Link UIT with UR and Faculty communications to ensure web content aligns with communications strategy • Rationalize number of web pages • Improve student portal and grant access to the communications team • Re-design web page development process (how-to for communications, units, faculty, including professors, researchers, students) - design process to prevent deviations • Educate users on web strategy, framework, and processes • Incorporate communications style guide • Uniform web strategy and approach – design, development, structure • Alignment to communications strategy and university strategy • Increased clarity of message to audiences • Increased professionalism and positive impact on reputation • Development of portals to key communications audiences (i.e. staff, students) • Linking communications staff to audience segment views (e.g. student portal) • Increases university's on-line capabilities especially around audience engagement and alternative learning channels Benefits PwC 11/03/2011 144

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