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Project Scope & Objectives The PRASE project intends to improve service, realign and free up administrative resources to allow York to better achieve its strategic goals and enable it’s core mission York University’s Process Re-engineering and Service Enhancement (PRASE) project intends to enable the enhancement of services by developing more effective service delivery and use of resources in support of York’s core mission in teaching, learning, research and public service. This report outlines the key opportunities identified during Phase 1 of the PRASE project. The following administrative services provided to students, staff and faculty are in scope for PRASE. These services may be provided centrally and/or through the Faculties. Finance Information Technology Communications Student Services Out of scope: Teaching and Research (i.e. the act of teaching and research); Advancement and the Foundation (pending the outcome of the review underway) PwC 11/03/2011 33 Human Resources Procurement CSBO Research Services

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