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Strengths and Challenges Challenges include: • Lack of effective governance over existing policies, processes and procedures ; controls focused organization •Many processes are managed on a exception basis • Concern regarding union relationships, change management and how to manage the program to ensure that there is no strike •While Change Management and Communications is a critical success factor, it is not well done at York • Lack of role clarity between units and faculties • Limited measurement of process effectiveness • Highly distributed support functions leading to high cost to serve Strengths include: •Strong Senior level sponsorship (VPFA, Provost, President) • IRP process in place and recognized to be an anchor for PRASE • Transformational change with all that it implies is a key desired outcome of PRASE • Recognition that investment is required to obtain the benefits of the program • Recognition that change is required and York staff are willing to entertain what change might look like PwC 11/03/2011 38

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