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The Case for Change PRASE, once fully implemented, will support the University in establishing improved support service delivery and better user experience Issue Limited capacity to prioritize and achieve strategic goals Lack of outcomes and performance management focus Inconsistent User Experience with lack of focus on end users Fragmented, highly distributed approach to providing core Administrative functions Lack of automation/ system support High cost of delivery for administrative services PwC Impact • Culture of incrementalism • Lack of alignment and levers for university to focus on strategic goals, measure progress • Compliance and control vs. performance management focus • Processes as a proxy for control • Limited data available to measure effectiveness • Sub optimized service levels that may not meet service level expectations • Processes not designed with end user in mind • Time being spent on administrative activities that could be better allocated • Significant duplication of effort • Multiple instances of processes and systems that are not integrated • Duplication of efforts (units and faculties) • Processes are inconsistent across the University leading to high cost • Economies of scale are not captured for an institution of York’s size • Rationalized service delivery model with consolidated transactional services • Standardized, more cost efficient processes 11/03/2011 49 How will PRASE address this? • University wide framework to prioritize initiatives • Processes and systems that enable tracking and monitoring of progress • Compliance designed into processes • Simpler, easier to understand processes from an end user perspective • Balance between compliance and controls • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities • Redesigning the processes to meet end user needs • Appropriate allocation of transaction oriented activities • Have the right people, do the right work, at the right time • Automation where appropriate and can be supported by a business case

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