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Opportunities Identified PRASE opportunities have been identified that will improve service and increase capacity in the near term, and can lead to the transformative change York desires • Many opportunities for improvement were identified by work streams during Phase 1. These opportunities can be classified as follows: • Early success – can be planned and implemented in 3-6 months • Foundation/ Enabler – required to enable other changes e.g. new technology • Transformation – new ways of managing and delivering services • Process – improvements to processes and ways of working to increase effectiveness • Cross-university – span functions and departments with university-wide impacts • Opportunities were assessed and prioritized based on considerations of benefits; risk/ complexity/ time to implement; and PwC’s assessment of York’s capacity to execute • Based on the future vision and target operating model and the opportunity prioritization, an implementation roadmap was developed that envisions 3 major waves of activity PwC 11/03/2011 59

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