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How Do We Get There? A suggested Roadmap with three major waves of activity has been developed to address the changes York should make over the next 3-5 years Evaluation Check-point High Design Implement Wave 3 12-18 months Design Implement Med Wave 2 12- 18 months Design Implement Wave 1 Low 12-18 months Today PwC Timing 11/03/2011 24 24 Evaluation Check-point Evaluation Check-point The Roadmap identifies a phased approach with regular evaluation check-points for implementing change and realizing benefits Within each phase, a combination of Transformation, Foundation, Process, Early Success and Cross University initiatives have been identified, taking into account: • Opportunities for early successes to build momentum • Need to initiate Transformational change to support program viability • Foundational elements to lay the ground work for future success • A considerations of York’s capacity to implement York will need to evaluate progress continuously throughout the program lifecycle with specific reviews following key milestones on each wave Cumulative Benefits

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