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Overview • York University, like many North American universities, is currently facing challenges due to significant budget pressures, and infrastructure and processes that may not be sustainable in the longer term. York has identified the need to work as effectively as possible with the resources available to better support the core activities of the University – Teaching, Research and Public Service • To address these challenges, York initiated the Process Re-engineering and Service Enhancement (PRASE) project with the assistance of PwC. Phase 1 of the project, November 2010 through January 2011, reviewed the administrative functions that are provided to students, staff and faculty at York • The objective of Phase 1 was to identify opportunities for service enhancement and resource optimization within the administrative functions, and to outline a potential way forward for York in implementing these changes. The goal is to improve administrative services, realign and free up administrative resources to allow York to better achieve its strategic academic goals • The PRASE project engaged a wide cross-section of York staff in workshops to identify opportunities for improvement. 8 administrative support areas and 23 subject areas were in scope (HR, Finance, IT, Student Services, Procurement, Research Services, Communications and CSBO) PwC 11/03/2011 4

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