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1 FACULTY OF LIBERAL ARTS AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT OF EQUITY STUDIES DEGREE PROGRAMS Information for Continuing Students in a Grandparented Program Students who were registered in a degree program formerly in the Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies or the Faculty of Arts have been moved to the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. Grandparenting provisions have been developed for students continuing in these degrees. Grandparented rules allow students to complete their studies following the rules of the programs they were in prior to the Fall/Winter 2009-2010 session. This includes all major and degree requirements including general education requirements and upper level requirements, as well as the electives or required credits outside the major. Students who continue in their original program have until the end of the summer 2016 session to complete their current program under the grandparented rules. For more information on the grandparenting rules, visit: http://www.yorku.ca/laps/transition/faqs/grandparented.html HUMAN RIGHTS & EQUITY STUDIES (HREQ) Students in the Human Rights and Equity Studies program explore the ethical principles of human rights as well as the roots and impact of human rights violations and efforts at redress. Problems of physical, social and economic security, cultural autonomy, and political rights and freedom of expression are examined. Graduates prepare for careers in education, social services, workers' and children's rights, human resources, international human rights and government relations. Students can pursue a BA, Specialized Honours BA, Honours BA, Honours Double Major BA, Honours Major/Minor BA or an Honours Minor BA. Students wishing to pursue graduate study can combine Human Rights and Equity Studies with a second major in a discipline. PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies general education curriculum provides students with the foundation of interdisciplinary knowledge, breadth, methods and the approaches necessary for successful liberal and professional education. General education courses expose students to fundamental ideas spanning the humanities, modes of reasoning, natural science and social science. These courses also provide explicit instruction in critical analytical skills. For purposes of meeting program requirements, all nine-credit general education (foundation) courses will count as six credits towards the major or minor. BA Specialized Honours: 120 Credits. Residency Requirement: A minimum of 30 course credits and at least half (50 per cent) of the course credits required in each undergraduate degree program major/minor must be taken at York University. Graduation Requirement: Students must successfully complete (pass) at least 120 credits which meet the Faculty's degree and program requirements with a cumulative grade point average of at least 5.0. General Education: A minimum of 21 general education credits as follows: ● 6.00 credits in Natural Science (NATS) ● 9.00 credits approved general education in the social science or humanities categories ● 6.00 credits approved general education course in the opposite category to the 9.00 credits course in social science or humanities already taken. Major credits: 60 credits including: (i) 33 credits core courses: AP/HREQ 2010 6.00 Introduction to Human Rights and Equity Studies AP/HREQ 3010 6.00/AP/POLS 3255 6.00 Human Rights and the Global Economy

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