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9 DEGREE PROGRAMS 9 CANADIAN STUDIES • Our interdisciplinary approach provides you with flexibility and diversity in the study of Canadian history, society and culture in both national and international contexts. • Customize your program of study according to your needs and strengths. The Canadian Studies program focuses on an awareness and analysis of Canadian stories. "Stories" can be considered literally (as in the study of Canadian authors, directors and artists) but they can also be considered politically (such as an investigation of how society is organized and who has power). In this respect, the stories of the marginal are no less critical to understanding Canada than is knowledge of Canadian civics. Moreover, Canadian Studies considers the land itself; the Earth tells its own stories in the composition of the rock, the biodiversity of our forests, oceans and tundra, and in the patterns of city and country living. Finally, the program is concerned with how Canadian stories are used to persuade us — only by understanding media and the techniques of propaganda can we defend ourselves against manipulation by corporations, special interests and politicians, and seek a better Canada. yorku.ca/laps/programs/cdns CAREER OPTIONS Archivist, educator, journalist, historian, politician, professional writer, lawyer COURSES INCLUDE Introduction to Canadian Studies; Contexts of Canadian Culture; Aboriginal Canada and European Immigrant Experiences; Indigenous Literatures STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE Students for Canadian Studies CHILDREN'S STUDIES • Explore experiences and representations of children and youth throughout history and from different cultures around the world. • Focus on children's rights and children's cultures — how children themselves make sense of the world. A major focus of our program is the nature and significance of children's culture — distinguishing between culture created by adults for children and the culture of children themselves. You'll learn ethnographic techniques specific to children and their cultures, analyze children's voices in contemporary and historical contexts, study representations of children and youth in literature, art, advertising and film, and gain an understanding of the human condition from the child's perspective. You'll also be encouraged to take part in advocacy work. yorku.ca/laps/programs/chst CAREER OPTIONS Children's rights advocate, teacher, educator, international development worker, social worker, librarian COURSES INCLUDE The Worlds of Childhood; On Children: Introduction to Children's Studies; Listening to Children: Ethics and Methodology of Child-Centered Studies; Contemporary Children's Culture STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE Children's Studies Students' Association CLASSICAL STUDIES & CLASSICS • Immerse yourself in ancient Greek and Roman literature, culture and society. • Explore the impact of the Greeks and Romans on the modern world. Using ancient texts, documents and works of art, you'll explore the richness of two civilizations that have largely shaped the Western intellectual tradition. Classics focuses on the Greek and Latin languages, while Classical Studies looks at the history and culture of Greece and Rome. As well as gaining sophisticated knowledge, you'll develop excellent critical and analytical skills and learn how to make rational arguments and defend them clearly. yorku.ca/laps/programs/clst CAREER OPTIONS Archivist, museum curator, cultural consultant, legal professional COURSES INCLUDE Myth and Imagination in Ancient Greece and Rome; Greek Drama and Culture; Alexander the Great; The City in the Roman World; Elementary Greek; Elementary Latin STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE Classical Studies Student Association

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