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10 2 0 1 6 — 2 0 1 7 UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS 10 2 0 1 6 — 2 0 1 7 COGNITIVE SCIENCE • Interact with energetic instructors and researchers involved in groundbreaking work in fields such as vision, social cognitive neuroscience, language evolution, autism research, robotics, ape cognition and consciousness. • Combine courses from philosophy, psychology, linguistics, information technology and computer science to gain in-depth knowledge of the reasoning processes we find in humans, animals and machines. Take on the challenge of studying the operations of different kinds of minds through this distinctive interdisciplinary program. You'll examine the unique ways in which infants and non-human animals are able to think and reason without language, how computers may be programmed to model intelligent behaviour, and the nature of the relationship between social interaction and cognition. In order to integrate findings from different fields, you'll be trained in the methodologies of a range of disciplines, and you'll have the opportunity to apply these methods in order to examine the nature of thought, memory, perception, language and other cognitive processes. yorku.ca/laps/programs/cogs CAREER OPTIONS Educator, neuroscientist, speech pathologist, therapist COURSES INCLUDE Animal Behaviour; Minds, Brains and Machines; Neural Bases of Behaviour; Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE Cognitive Science Student Association COMMUNICATION STUDIES • You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of traditional forms of media — print, radio, film and television, computer- mediated communication and telecommunication networks that facilitate new media and new modes of communication. The emphasis of the program is on conceptual and critical- skills development rather than on technical and applied training. The program aims to facilitate reflective learning and to develop effective verbal and written skills — not only as a means of critical and creative expression but as fundamental to the development of social communication and media, life- long learning and contribution to community life. We aim to produce graduates who have acquired skills in communication analysis, who understand the increasingly complex field of communication and who can clearly and effectively communicate their knowledge. Graduates go on to careers in a wide range of media and policy-related fields or further graduate studies in media, culture, law or public policy. See page 30 for related graduate programs in Communication Studies. yorku.ca/laps/programs/comn CAREER OPTIONS Corporate communications specialist, media analyst, public opinion researcher, public affairs and political communication, social media manager COURSES INCLUDE Information and Technology; Politics and Policy; Media and Culture STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE Communication Studies Students' Association CREATIVE WRITING • Study with professors who are accomplished and published poets, novelists and short-story writers. • Attend the Creative Writing Series and the Canadian Writers In Person Series with opportunities to hear from and speak with internationally acclaimed authors. Develop your talents and abilities as a writer while honing your creativity. We emphasize literary writing rather than formula writing and will acquaint you with the forms and styles of writing that authors — past and present — have explored in their works. You'll be exposed to the history of formal experimentation and growth in particular genres. Specialization in one or two genres, such as fiction and poetry, is encouraged as you begin to write in an expanding environment of literary and linguistic knowledge. Applications are accepted only after the completion of two years of university-level study, with a minimum of 54 credits completed. yorku.ca/laps/programs/crwr CAREER OPTIONS Editor, novelist, poet, screenwriter COURSES INCLUDE Fiction Workshop; Playwriting; Poetry Workshop; Screenwriting STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE English Undergraduate Student Association

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