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12 2 0 1 6 — 2 0 1 7 UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS 12 2 0 1 6 — 2 0 1 7 EAST ASIAN STUDIES • Add an international component to your degree: participate in the Canada-Taiwan exchange program sponsored by the Department of Human Resources Development Canada. • Enjoy a rich and flexible program of study that brings together courses from the academic disciplines of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages and Literatures, and Fine Arts. China, Japan and Korea — seats of ancient civilizations and modern societies of immense global significance — form the basis of this program. Expect to be challenged, engaged and rewarded with an in-depth understanding of the region. Bridging East Asia's dynamic modern milieu and its rich history, our program will help you gain an appreciation of the importance of Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, literature and fine arts, as well as the political, economic and social impact of these nations. yorku.ca/laps/programs/east CAREER OPTIONS Foreign service officer, international development worker, language educator, translator COURSES INCLUDE Culture and Society in East Asia; Japanese Culture, Literature and Film; Zen Painting and Poetry STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE East Asian Studies Students' Association ECONOMICS • Acquire the analytical skills necessary for understanding and solving complex economic problems. • Learn to evaluate economic theories and interpret economic behaviour through the use of data and empirical testing. Understand money and incentives and gain a clear grasp of the economy from both micro and macro perspectives. You'll focus on aspects of social behaviour and institutions that are involved in the allocation of scarce resources — among competing uses — in an attempt to satisfy our unlimited human wants. You'll also learn how to solve a wide range of individual and social problems related to production and consumption in a variety of national and international settings, including product, labour and capital markets. See page 30 for related graduate programs in Economics and Financial Accountability. yorku.ca/laps/programs/econ CAREER OPTIONS Economist, market analyst, policy adviser, researcher COURSES INCLUDE Health Economics; Industrial Organization; International Trade; Labour Economics STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE Economics Student Association ENGLISH • Pursue your individual interests and explore all types of literature from the medieval period to the present. • Choose from courses highlighting interdisciplinary approaches and methods. Do you love literature? Then study how to read it critically and imaginatively. Delve into literature's earliest origins. Marvel at its latest transformations. Explore the staged theatricality of drama and the meditative voice of poetic lyric. Indulge in the size and sweep of the novel and the concentrated power of the short story. Learn about the world's cultures through the writing of creative artists, and rediscover your own place in a global conversation. Train to express yourself with confidence and flair in spoken words and in writing. An English degree provides you with fascinating and valuable cultural knowledge, critical-reading and -thinking skills, and top-notch communication abilities, getting you ready for any career or life path. An English degree is one of the most valuable credentials a university student can graduate with today. See page 30 for related graduate programs in English. yorku.ca/laps/programs/en CAREER OPTIONS Editor, writer, public relations officer, media specialist COURSES INCLUDE Apocalyptic Science Fiction; Comics and Cartoons; The Concept of Play; Filming Literature STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE English Undergraduate Student Association

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