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16 2 0 1 6 — 2 0 1 7 UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS 16 2 0 1 6 — 2 0 1 7 HEALTH & SOCIETY • By seeing health in its social context, you'll look past the limits of medicine as we know it, to a much wider set of questions that engage social, cultural, political and moral aspects of the human experience. • We examine health within a societal context and explore such issues as international health, indigenous health, patients, various health professions, women and health, environments and health, aging and disabilities. Health & Society will challenge you to look critically at biomedical models and practices, to understand the complexity of health policy, to see ways in which globalizing economies shape both illness and health care, and to appreciate the role played by social forces and cultural change in shaping individual well-being. Our unique program draws upon concepts and tools from many social scientific disciplines to explore the ways in which social conditions influence health and how health concerns shape social relations and institutions. yorku.ca/laps/programs/heso CAREER OPTIONS Community health/health advocate, healthcare delivery worker, alternative healthcare worker, health administration, management, policy officer COURSES INCLUDE Health in Crisis: Issues of Health, Environment and Poverty; Health and Development in the Third World; Indigenous Health; Women and Health STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE The Health and Society Student Club HELLENIC STUDIES • Toronto's vibrant Greek community, through the creation of the Hellenic Heritage Chair, has made our program the leading centre of Hellenic Studies in Ontario and beyond. • Participate in connections with universities in Greece and with Hellenic Studies programs around the globe. From Ancient Greece came many of the Western world's cultural values and social institutions, while contemporary Greece (situated at the intersection between Europe and the Middle East) is a vitally important modern nation. In our exciting Hellenic Studies program you'll have the opportunity to explore the ancient and modern periods in Greece through a curriculum that integrates language study with courses covering Greek literature, culture and history. yorku.ca/laps/programs/heln CAREER OPTIONS Business manager, educator, lawyer, researcher COURSES INCLUDE Modern Greece: From Independence to the Present; Modern Greek Literature and Culture After Independence; Myth in Ancient Greece; Alexander the Great: Myth and Reality STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE Hellenic Studies Students' Association HISTORY • Courses range in time from antiquity to the present. Add an international component to your degree by studying at one of our partner universities in Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and other regions around the world. History provides us with a valuable roadmap to the future. By studying the past, you'll deepen your understanding of the present and acquire the skills necessary to succeed in today's world: critical thinking and analysis, research, and effective oral and written communication. Whatever historical period you're interested in, we've got courses designed for you. Study the rise and fall of Rome, explore the trenches of the First World War, examine global environmental history or map out the history of gender and sexuality in different cultures and societies. See page 30 for related graduate programs in History. yorku.ca/laps/programs/hist CAREER OPTIONS Educator, journalist, lawyer, librarian, museum curator COURSES INCLUDE Medieval and Early Modern Europe; History of Women in Canada; Social History of Modern Sport; Murder & Other Crimes: Law and Justice in 20th Century North America STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE Undergraduate History Students' Association HUMANITIES • We're unique in Canada for our interdisciplinary approach to diverse cultures — from classical antiquity to today's digital universe, and from Asia to Europe to the Americas. • Gain a global perspective by studying at one of our partner universities in Australia, Europe, Asia, the Middle East or the Caribbean. As one of the oldest areas of study in the world, the humanities focus on human cultures, their multiple forms of expression, and their philosophical, religious, moral, political, scientific and aesthetic values. Our program promotes a critical approach that, in encouraging you to question preconceived assumptions, enables you to appreciate cultural diversity and function effectively in a knowledge economy and globalized world. Choose from more than 80 courses integrating various fields and delve into areas such as fantasy,

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