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18 2 0 1 6 — 2 0 1 7 UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS 18 2 0 1 6 — 2 0 1 7 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY • Our courses are tied directly to real-world needs and have industrial relevance. • Focus on understanding how organizations and IT intertwine. With the revolution in information technology, virtually every organization requires IT professionals. Having the big picture understanding to liaise between technical and non-technical users, graduates of the IT program are uniquely positioned to plan, analyze and design. Recognizing the importance of combining technical and non-technical aspects, our program offers learning in areas such as: communications, the health industry, management, marketing, professional writing, and technology and society. Students in the Information Technology stream of our Administrative Studies program will pursue specializations in Business Systems Analysis, E-Commerce Development, and Information Technology Auditing & Assurance. See page 6 for more information. Earn a certificate in Information Technology Auditing and Assurance. See page 28 for more information. See page 30 for related graduate programs in Information Systems and Technology. yorku.ca/laps/programs/itec CAREER OPTIONS IT consultant, IT project manager, application developer, client support specialist, network and database administrator, systems analyst, IT auditor, designer COURSES INCLUDE Applied Data Communications and Networks; Designing User Interfaces; Systems Analysis and Design STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE ITSA Cl INTERDISCIPLINARY SOCIAL SCIENCE • Gain a solid and critical grounding in research methods and theories, build analytic skills and prepare to make sense of the social complexities within our society so that you can contribute to change. • Interdisciplinary Social Science courses address issues of inequality and injustice by examining social issues from a range of areas such as global culture and politics, self and society, social theory and the critical analysis of social relations. Interdisciplinary Social Science provides students with a broad perspective in order to understand society by drawing upon numerous programs within the Department of Social Science. The program examines the interaction between the political, social, cultural and economic aspects of society through topics ranging in diversity from African Studies and Criminal Justice Systems to Ideology and Everyday Life. The Interdisciplinary Social Science program develops a commitment to social justice where the student is immersed in the study of issues central to the progressive growth of our society. Students get a chance to study with professors who have expertise in their respective scholarly areas. Students also gain critical-thinking skills that will be of great benefit regardless of whatever career path is chosen. The ISS degree is ideal for being paired with another complementary major or minor of your choice in another discipline. yorku.ca/laps/programs/iss CAREER OPTIONS Social policy analyst, journalist, social advocate, community relations officer INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT STUDIES • Complement your studies with overseas internships, volunteer positions or study-abroad programs to develop an awareness of diverse cultures and become familiar with the dynamics of poverty and development. • Emerge from the program with a thorough grounding in the history, debates, dimensions, institutional approaches and critiques in the field. International Development Studies highlights common themes in the field of development and emphasizes the diversity of experiences in the developing world. We view the field from the perspective of critical social science. We also offer an inclusive, interdisciplinary and comparative approach to the interpretation of the histories, political economies and cultures of the developing world and the diasporic communities that represent the Global South. You can also pursue a dual degree program involving the Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering and the Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies. See page 30 for the related graduate program in Development Studies. yorku.ca/laps/programs/idst CAREER OPTIONS International development professional, non-governmental organization worker, community development worker, researcher, policy analyst, educator COURSES INCLUDE Development Planning and Management; Development Studies Research Methods; State and Civil Society in Latin America; Third World Feminisms STUDENT GROUPS INCLUDE International Development Studies Students' Association

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