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30 2 0 1 6 — 2 0 1 7 GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS 30 2 0 1 6 — 2 0 1 7 WHETHER YOU WANT TO BECOME A PROFESSOR OR A PROFESSIONAL, A GRADUATE DEGREE IS YOUR NEXT STEP TO SUCCESS. LA&PS offers a broad range of master's, PhD and graduate diploma programs that will give you the credentials, advanced knowledge and skills that are increasingly valued in today's competitive global job market. You'll be immersed in a tight-knit learning and research community that challenges traditional assumptions and is at the centre of innovation and groundbreaking opportunities. Choose from a variety of our diverse graduate programs. COMMUNICATION & CULTURE (MA & PhD) Concentrate on the theory and practice of communication and culture through this unique joint program with Ryerson University. DEVELOPMENT STUDIES (MA) Get a full range of conceptual and methodological tools needed for acquiring a deeper understanding of the current issues and challenges of sustainable human development. DISASTER & EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT (MA) Explore, within the context of hazard and vulnerability, the interactions between people and their natural, technological and social environment that result in disasters and emergencies. ECONOMICS (MA & PhD) Focus on applied economic theory while preparing for academic careers and research positions in governments and private corporations. ENGLISH (MA & PhD) Pursue English literary studies from a range of critical and theoretical approaches to texts. ÉTUDES FRANÇAISES (MA) Delve into French literatures and the evolution of ideas and literary fields; provides research training in French linguistics. FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY (MFAC) Play a critical role in enhancing the quality of corporate governance and setting higher standards of financial transparency. GENDER, FEMINIST & WOMEN'S STUDIES (MA & PhD) Focus on gender, feminism and women as they intersect with sexualities, race, ethnicity, class, ability and age. GEOGRAPHY (MA, MSC & PhD) Benefit from our recognized strengths in biophysical processes and in critical human geography. HISTORY (MA & PhD) Undertake an intensive examination of particular topics from a variety of points of view, including intellectual, economic, political, gender and social. HUMANITIES (MA & PhD) Explore different ways in which human cultures and their multiple forms of expression have developed and continue to develop. HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT (MHRM & PhD) Designed for HRM specialists, this executive-style program will equip you with the skills and credentials to assume senior- level appointments. INFORMATION SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY (MA) Study how technology can best be integrated and customized to meet the information needs of users; further your understanding of the application of research-based knowledge in IT. INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES (MA) Pursue independent, innovative research that bridges disciplinary categories. yorku.ca/laps/grad

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