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In the spring, the inaugural Cars ell Scholars gathered in the Life Sciences Building for a special opportunity to present their research to Professor Emeritus Allan Cars ell (Physics & Astronomy), ho funded the scholarship program ith a $1-million gift in 2016. The recipients — six graduate students from the Faculty of Science and six from the Lassonde School of Engineering — engage in a breadth of research initiatives. The scholarships further their research by alleviating nancial loads and enlarging the scope of their projects. "My research involves travelling to sites across the province, which is expensive," said Amanda Liczner, PhD student (Biology). "This scholarship expands my options, enabling me to increase my site visits, address more questions and conduct more exciting research." At the event, Carswell offered the recipients words of wisdom and advice for the future. "Education is a life-long experience," he said. "In your careers, you will need to be creative and fexible. You need creativity because life sends you a continuing set of challenges that are opportunities to do new and better things, and fexibility because it's not so much what happens in life that matters, but how you deal with what happens." Meet the inaugural Carswell Scholars in the Faculty of Science Celebrating our Car well Scholar Angie Raad (PhD candidate, Mathematics & Statistics) is focused on the mathematical modelling of in-host HIV infection. Richard Thai (PhD candidate, Physics & Astronomy) is leading an experiment to determine if the energy levels of positronium atoms are consistent with the theory of quantum electrodynamics. John ampbell (PhD candidate, Mathematics & Statistics) is focused on introducing new Hopf algebra structures and revealing new combinatorial properties concerning known Hopf algebras. Kerene Brown (PhD candidate, Chemistry) is characterizing the structure and dynamics of the interaction between human La protein and its RNA targets. Matthew Burns (PhD candidate, Science & Technology Studies) is exploring underdetermination — the idea that the evidence available to us at a given time may be insuf cient to determine what beliefs we should hold in response to it. Amanda Liczner (PhD candidate, Biology) is focused on the conservation of at-risk bumble bee species. She is identifying areas that are important habitats for these species and those that are in need of conservation or restoration. 30 YO RK U NIVERSIT Y FACU LT Y O F SCIEN CE REsE aRcH tR aiNiN g

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