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13 | P a g e Communication Studies 2018 - 2019 4. Course Relief York University allows eligible undergraduate students who have changed their program degree or major to exclude courses completed toward the prior major requirements from their Overall Cumulative GPA (OCGPA) and credit totals for their new program of study. This policy aims to help students continue in and graduate from a new academic program. For additional information regarding Course Relief, please visit: http://myacademicrecord.students.yorku.ca/course-relief 5. What can you do if you receive a low or failure FINAL mark and it's pulling down your GPA? You have a number of options depending on your circumstances: • If you think you've been unfairly evaluated, you can ask for a Grade Reappraisal (see #6. below) • You can submit a Petition: If the mark or marks are the result of circumstances over which you have not had any control (sickness, family matters, accident, etc.), you can petition to have the mark or marks removed from your transcript. There is a petition package that must be completed and supporting evidence/documents must be attached. • You can retake the course: The second grade will become the Grade of Record, and the first mark—while remaining on your transcript—is NOT averaged into your GPA. • You can work very hard the next session to bring up your average. 6. How do you get work reappraised? 6.1 During the school session If you question a mark you received in a course with a tutorial, please approach your Tutorial Leader first during her/his office hours for clarification of the marking scheme. If you continue to be dissatisfied, make an appointment with the Course Director and seek her/his intervention. The Undergraduate Program Director can be asked to intervene if a dispute is unresolved, but s/he cannot change the mark. 6.2 Once final marks have been received If you think that your final grade in a course was not justified, you may submit a formal request to the Department. The form is available at the Department or on our website: http://comn.laps.yorku.ca/files/2015/10/LAPS_Grade_Reappraisal_Form.pdf

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