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14 | P a g e Communication Studies 2018 - 2019 Requests for Grade Reappraisals must be submitted within 21 calendar days of the release of final grades. Students may ask for all written work, or just specific parts to be reassessed – please note that participation marks CANNOT be reassessed. In courses with Tutorial Leaders, the reassessment will be carried out by the Course Director (if s/he has not already seen the work), and then if the dispute continues, by an anonymous marker (another full-time teaching member of Comn Studies) who will receive the work with the student's name removed. As a result of the reappraisal, the original grade may be raised, lowered or confirmed. The Grade Reappraisal process may take from 6-8 weeks; and you will be notified of the result in writing via letter to your home address. The decision of the Department may be appealed—on procedural grounds only—to the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies' Committee on Student Appeals and Academic Integrity. Appeals must be submitted within 21 calendar days of receiving the Department's letter. 7. What If you can't finish your work during the term? Seek a Deferred Standing from your Course Director Students may be eligible for Deferred Standing in a course on such grounds as illness, family misfortune, or accident. Deferred Standing allows students more time to complete course assignments, tests, and exams, past the deadline for the Course Director to submit final grades. Students in such circumstances should approach their Course Director(s) to sign the Final Exam/Assignment Deferred Standing Agreement form available online at: http://myacademicrecord.students.yorku.ca/pdf/deferred_standing_agreement.pdf Signed Deferred Standing Agreements must normally be submitted within 7 days following a missed exam or the last day to submit term work. If a Course Director is unwilling or unable to sign the DSA form, you can meet with an Academic Advisor to submit a petition package within 14 calendar days of the missed exam or last day to submit term work (follow instructions at the link below): http://council.laps.yorku.ca/academic-petitions/ 8. How do you take a course at another university for credit? Obtain a Letter of Permission (LOP) If you wish to enroll at another university (host) and have those undergraduate credits transferred toward your York University Degree, you must first apply and be granted a Letter of Permission by the Office of the Registrar.

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